Virginia Federal Embezzlement Lawyer

Embezzlement is quite common in the corporate world. In the Commonwealth of Virginia, embezzlement is typically the types of property theft or larceny, wherein the defendant is primarily entrusted with the management or custody of assets or property belonging to another because of defendant’s office, employment, or a certain position of trust and reliability. According to a well-versed Virginia federal embezzlement lawyer, no company is safe from such criminal activity most often by their employee. Another thing is whether or not a crime has also been committed creates chaos among the departments. What is clear is the need to have an adequate compliance plan in the company that prevents us from these crimes, make it more difficult to commit and in case of suffering, exonerate the company of all responsibility to have put all the means at your disposal to avoid that circumstance.

As you know, after the reform of the Criminal Code, companies or legal entities can also be sentenced. Therefore, a highly experienced Virginia federal embezzlement lawyer recommends organizations to design and develop a compliance plan covers all essential elements, including such relevant aspects as follows:

  • Normative update
  • Compliance with current legislation.
  • Specific regulations of each sector.
  • Compliance / compliance program
  • Reduce risks through the implementation of compliance protocols (Execution of the Compliance Program)
  • Due Diligence or evaluation of partners, commercial operations, contracts (Valuation in the fields: Financial, Legal and Compliance)

The companies that work with a Virginia federal embezzlement lawyer expert in compliance find much more support when it comes to not facing these situations, but also when it comes to avoiding them because, as our grandmothers used to say, prevention is better than cure.


Starting from an idea of integrity is essential in the company – the address marks the tone. If the visible head is intact, it will motivate that behavior in the lower layers. Not necessarily an exemplary boss enjoys exemplary employees, but what is almost certain is that a remiss boss will cascade his style towards the lower substrates of the company. An aggressive Virginia federal embezzlement lawyer recommends companies to have in writing a well-defined Code of Ethics or Conduct. Yes, in writing. And there should be a place where “what cannot be done” is collected.


It is immensely important for you to comprehend exactly what are the charges of embezzlement in Virginia State, i.e., what one can expect from the judges or court for the penalty for their criminal activity. In Virginia State, the consequences of the crime mostly depend on the worth, amount and value of the item embezzled. As per Virginia federal embezzlement lawyer, embezzlement of something of value above $200 is punishable as a felony grand larceny, resulting in a maximum of twenty years in jail. On the other hand, the embezzlement of anything valued lesser than $200 is punishable as misdemeanor petit larceny, resulting in a maximum of twelve months in prison.

Taking into account the severity of embezzlement punishment, it is critical to retain an experienced defense attorney when being accused of embezzlement charges in Virginia.

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