Solicitation for Prostitution Charge in Maryland

Laws regarding Solicitation in Maryland?

In Maryland, there are laws which define prostitution and its aspects illegal and a crime. How severe a crime can be, it is up to the case and the situation. Mostly, a person who has never been involved in such cases gets leverage, but if there are subsequent activities, then it is going to be a harsher scenario for the accused person. It is suggested by every lawyer to learn from your mistakes and do not fall into any criminal activity because it will always come in between the case you are facing. For, E.g., if you have convicted any crime in your past such as sexual battery, and now you are accused of solicitation or prostitution, then your sentencing and penalties will be dependent on your past crimes as well.

Solicitation comes under the House of Prostitution law in Maryland. There are different categories of law regarding prostitution such as human trafficking or if there is any minor involved or not. Solicitation for prostitution is a misdemeanor crime in Maryland.

Charges – Solicitation for Prostitution

Solicit means urging or encouraging and solicitation for prostitution is when you urge someone or ask someone for prostitution. It is a crime according to the law of Maryland (§ 11-301). The maximum sentencing for solicitation for prostitution is a year in jail or a fine of $500. In worse situations, it can be both, but the maximum limit is the mentioned one. The penalties or sentences increases if there is any involvement of the minor or if the accused person has done human trafficking. This can lead to a felony crime, and the charges may exceed; it also put the defendant into sex offender list which is a lifelong tag. Sex crimes which are a felony put the person in the sex offender registry. The penalties and sentences for committing such crime are ten years to 25 years in jail at max. The fine also exceeds from $500 to $5,000 which can hit $15,000 max. The lawyers and other law related individuals think that having a sex offender tag is the biggest penalty there is. Because, after that, the family, society, and the workplace won’t be the same for you.

Once you are convicted of solicitation or prostitution; your wife, your kids, your parents, the society and your colleagues look at you differently. The situation changes once you are found guilty of such charges and the penalties. If there is no felony criminal charge, then you can appeal for it and get leverage. If it is your first time, then lack of knowledge might help you. You need to consult an attorney if you are convicted with solicitation for prostitution; consultation with the attorney is always free of cost, and that can help you better.

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