Full Protective Orders in Virginia

A protection order is a court order that prohibits the aggressor from approaching, threatening, annoying or harassing the victim in any way. When a judge grants an order of protection, the aggressor cannot pursue the victim in his place of residence, work or study.

The full protective orders in Virginia will completely restrict and retrain an abuser from all sorts of contact whatsoever, including phone calls, texts, meeting in person or virtually, emails, or disturbing the victim in any way. A full protective order is often carried out by a physical restriction like the abused having to reside a minimum of hundred yards far away from the victim all the times. Consequently, it produces a theoretical bubble around anyone named on the order. Thus, wherever they go or roam, they are still in the ‘protection’ due to the order.

Who can request an order of protection?

Full protective orders in Virginia can be requested by any person who are the victims of domestic violence, regardless of their marital status, social status, race, sexual orientation, gender identity or immigration status. As a general rule, it is the victim who has to request a protection order. However, the law recognizes that, in an emergency or when the victim cannot do it on his/her own, another person may request it for him/her. Employers can also request full protective orders in Virginia on behalf of their employees.

It is suggested that before, during and after requesting a protection order, the victim communicates with any of the entities and organizations that work with cases of domestic violence, so that they become familiar with the process, receive psychosocial assistance and prepare a plan that helps them come out of the cycle of domestic violence by guaranteeing their safety.

How much does a protection order cost?

The protection order has no cost. People who wish to request an order of protection can go to the Secretary of the Court of First Instance closest to their residence and request the corresponding form. The assistance of a lawyer is not necessary for this process.

How long is the protection order?

Full protective orders in Virginia are not indefinite, but have a specific duration. The Judge or Judge who sees the case makes a determination about how long that order of protection will last. It is important to be aware of the date on which the order was granted and its duration. Once granted, the protection order will include this information.

What happens if I move or visit the United States while my protection order is in effect?

A full protective order is valid in all states of the United States. It is suggested that people have a protection order in their favor and that they move or travel to the United States to communicate with the Court of that jurisdiction. Thus, you will be able to know the rights and processes that exist on the protection orders in that place.

To know more about full protective orders in Virginia, approach a well-versed Virginia attorney having years of experience in handling similar matters.

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