Fairfax Virginia prostitution and solicitation law

Prostitution is the crime in which the two parties do sexual activity for some trade purpose or compensation. The act is illegal as someone may force other to do sexual interaction against some profit. Usually, film star takes this step to get the film from the famous director or get fame in fil industry. Both the members are liable for penalty according to US laws. To force someone to involve in sexual activity through emails or other internet sources come in solicitation crime. Both prostitution and solicitation are illegal. The state’s law prohibits any act of sex for gaining some profit, for trade purpose or engaging in an activity for money.

Fairfax Virginia prostitution and solicitation law

Virginia prostitution and solicitation laws prohibit these unlawful acts. The state law does not allow anyone to involve in such activities. The penalty for prostitution crime lies under the class 1 misdemeanor. The criminal may get jail punishment of about 12 months and have to a fine up to $2500 depending on the severity of the crime.

In a similar way, the solicitation law has defined the specific penalty and punishment for this law. The criminal has to face the prison up to 12 months with the fine up to $2500.

The penalty is charged on controlling, charging, managing, supervising, or in association with other in prostitution crime.

The third party is also known as pimping or pandering also comes under this crime. The person who shows involvement in a meeting of two parties for this act is liable for the prostitution charge.

Lawyer for prostitution and solicitation case

The case may become complicated and the court may charge with heavy duty fine. In order to make it easy and get some reduction in the solicitation and prostitution charges, it is good to hire the lawyer. SRIS group of law in Fairfax Virginia have a team of efficient lawyers that provide you the services related to the case. The main duty of the lawyer is to discuss the case with the client. We do not involve any secretary for discussion. Our aim is to discuss everything with the client face to face to reach to the depth of the case.

It is your responsibility to describe all the history of your involvement in this crime, as well as the different aspect of the case.  Both parties are liable for the penalties and charges so we try to make a case in away so that court can make some light decision and reduce your penalties as well as prison time.

Contact to Law offices of SRIS P.C today and find the best solution for your case. we assure you the good services and help in resolving the case in the way you want. Come to our office from Monday to Friday at 9 am to 5 pm. You will find the lawyer for your case, who will discuss, make plan and work according to schedule to get the favorable results.

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